This one was written as a response to the six-sentence challenge by girlontheedge. This weeks word was METHOD, and I used it in a thriller style six, with a bit of a twist at the end. I like this weeks, it was a little less introspective than usual, but also a bit lighter as well….

The door swung open and I knew at once that something must be terribly wrong, because Suzie never leaves the door unlocked.  The evidence continued to overwhelm me, with scattered papers, upturned boxes, and every drawer open screaming WRONG, as I ran from room to room crying Suzie’s name.

I froze a moment when it sunk in, that they could still be in the house, and  if it weren’t for the blood smeared on the wall I would have stopped and called the police right then.   I ran up the stairs following the blood on the railing and I pulled my phone to call 911 when I turned into the office and saw her.

There was Suzie, sitting on the floor of her office in a pile of papers, a bandage on her hand, music blaring from her headphones, and she startled a bit when she saw me. “Oh my god Tamara, I swear I have searched every damn place in this house for my receipt,  even cut my hand trying to pry open a lock box,  and let me tell you I was lying when I said there was a method to my madness!”


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