The Calling

So I mess this post up a little today, and forgot that it was set to go out automatically. This is based on girlontheedge’s weekly six sentence story prompt: Island. I was thinking mythological when I wrote it, but you could interpret it more than one way.

I don’t need a shell to hear the ocean because is always there for me, in the back of my mind, in every silence.  

The haunting melody of the sea calls to me, and as I look around at my daily grind I wonder why I ever left the island. I took the trip to find myself, but I was found by something far greater.

I wondered why they let me leave, when they were so adamant that I needed to stay.  Now I knew, it was because I didn’t really leave, not all of me at least.

It took three more months to cleave the ties to my old life and settle my affairs, but as I stepped into the water I felt alive for the first time since I had left and knew I was home.


11 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. Visions of half human half sea creature – Chris’s mermaid perhaps – realizing and accepting themselves for their true selves. Changing geography, does not a person change. A return to one’s roots perhaps is the clearer path towards self evolution. (you don’t mind I engage in a little self-talk, do you Anne? 😉)

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