So the main comment about last week’s six, seemed to be “What happens next”, so this week’s response to girlontheedge’s prompt DEAL is the continuation of what happened next. While I think this would stand alone, here is a link to last week’s six: Fugue.

She took the small bag of her belongings back from the desk clerk, shaking with fatigue after the 43 hours without sleep.  She couldn’t begrudge the long interrogation, as with their contentious history and the many calls into the station, she wasn’t exactly without motive.

The whole thing had come to a grinding halt when the fingerprint results came back on two of the corpses, tying them to a string of home invasions.  The knives on their bodies matched the one that was pulled from the corpse of the person who laid them down with two bullets, and it all added up to a robbery gone wrong.

She stepped out into the afternoon sun, a smile on her face that faded a little as she flashed back to the deal she had made two weeks prior.  It had cost her more than money, and she would admit had she been told the details she wouldn’t have agreed, but it the end it was done; she was free.


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