A Tranquil Journey

Today’s six sentence prompt, provided by girlontheedge, was train. My personal challenge was to try and make a happy six, and I am not sure I actually nailed it. What I will say is that its not dark, scary, or sad, so I guess not a complete disaster. On another note, it’s my birthday! However in the world did I make it to 35….

She smiled as she sat down in her assigned seat on the train, it really was her favorite way to travel and business class was especially lovely. She hasn’t been sitting a minute when someone comes by and offers a choice of wine, and she spends the next three hours becoming increasingly soused on the free white.

She landed the client, signing a bonus that meant she could afford to buy a much better bottle than she was drinking at the moment, but it was the principle of the thing.  Tomorrow she would have to go home to her husband, and children, and be the perfect, wife, mother, boss, but tonight it was just her alone in an empty business section.

She ate her meal, surprisingly good fare for travel, put her headphones on, and leaned her chair back as far as it would go.  She let the music mixed with the rhythmic sound of the train running down the rails lull her to sleep, and for once let herself completely relax.


3 thoughts on “A Tranquil Journey

  1. Happy Birthday, Anne!

    No. Quite far from disaster. Having an odd affinity for train travel, I easily felt the atmosphere except for the part about being offered wine, lol. Never had the pleasure of traveling business class.
    What a lovely escape (and successful one at that). I can almost feel the light drift as consciousness made a play for the exit, no doubt aided and abetted by the music 🙂
    I hope she awakened much refreshed.


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