Miserably Successful

I am really getting into the idea of the six-sentence story. I think next week I am going to try and challenge myself into doing something light and fluffy. This weeks six sentences are based on the prompt word explore, by girlontheedge. It’s inspired on the idea of external vs. internal validation and the lessons some of us probably wish we picked up on a bit earlier in life.

We step out into the world as explorers, young, fresh-faced, sure that we know everything, and ready for our adventure. We follow the path we are sure lead to success, and we wait eagerly for the recognition we know we deserve, and the happiness that will follow.

For most of us it does not come and we are sure it is because at some point we were forced to stray from the path laid out in front of us since we were children and we weep for what might of been. What we do not know is that even for those who followed it through to the end without issue, that when we finally reach that goal that we have been working for the reward is not what we were expecting, and we are left wanting, wondering what we have done wrong.

If we are lucky we realize the truth, that we are the undiscovered countries that we need to explore and not the world that surrounds us. That it is only in knowing ourselves that we can know what will satisfy us, and that no external validation can compare to knowing that we are fulfilled in what we do and have accomplished.


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