The next installment in The Writer’s Mess Celebration Event is on….Festivals. I have chosen the prompt “Write about a person going to a festival alone.” and am using a pride event as my festival of choice. This is a 100 word piece, which I admit I do struggle with, but this was me taking a shot at it.

Georgia was overwhelmed by the shear color of it.  Everywhere she turned was rainbows and flags, and in this place her multi-tones of brown made her stand out instead of fit in. She flinched with each flash, and reassured herself that nobody would know that she was here.  After years of pining she’d made it, and hope bloomed within her chest.  Tomorrow she would have to go back into that closet until she left home, but these were her people. She hit up a vendor and spent the rest of the day wearing a rainbow cape and a huge smile.


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