Will you Marry Me, Again?

This is for week two of The Writer’s Mess August Event of celebrations. I took this weeks theme of Marriage/Commitment/Divorce, one of the prompts “A vow renewal and why they are doing it”, and the picture below. I wrote a six sentence story with a little bit of a sad/dark twist at the end depending on how you interpret it. Enjoy!

It was on their 45th wedding anniversary that they decided to renew their vows.  Everyone said that they should have waited for 50, but Saul argued back that they never knew how much time they had left. He said that Genevieve deserved the wedding she had dreamed of when she had agreed to marry him the first time, back when he couldn’t afford it.

They could afford it now, with 250 people, all the kids and grandkids, the white dress, and the month-long honeymoon cruise around the Mediterranean. As he looked at her walking down the aisle, he smiled and was filled with love.  Deep down there was a frisson of fear, and he hoped that she never found out about Barbara. 


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