Suburban Mystery

Hello, so tonight’s post was inspired by a Jimmie prompt shown below as well as the idea that something like this could exist and no one would look closer so it could be anything. Especially in suburbia where people theorize and then do not act.

It looked innocuous sitting there in the middle of the median strip.  The construction workers digging up the earth for the road found it first.  They reported it and were told to leave it alone, that someone from the office would come take a look later. No one ever did.

When the next crew came to install the light they saw it as well, but they assumed it was there for a reason.  It wasn’t in their way, so they ignored it.   So did the crew who laid the road, and those who poured the curbs.  The landscapers leveled the dirt to it, and told those who came to do the sidewalks about it.  They shrugged and said it wasn’t in the plans, so they ignored it.  If they reported it, it might delay the work and result in docked pay.

When the subdivision opened people wondered about it.  Children thought it was the entrance to an underground cavern with hidden treasure and their parents thought it might cover access to a tunnel. 

The truth was stranger than fiction.  It was the cover to an electrical supply for a light, stolen from a construction site on the other side of town. Though it was worn away now, when buried it was covered in a layer of blood from the man who now lay beneath it.   It took twenty years for erosion to make it visible, and it would be another twenty before they found the body.


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