The Bargain

Tonight I am posting a flashfiction that I have wrote based on a picture. The only rule was that it had to be 250 words or less. It was said on the picture below, and I chose to do my own little version of storage locker hunting. Its not my usual bag, but well, this is it.

Tanya knew from the moment she saw the locker that this was the one.  Most people overlooked it because of the clothes, but she saw the vintage leather case and knew she had something. At 20$ the clothes alone would cover her costs.

She bypassed them and went straight for the case. It was in good condition, the leather needed to be treated, but it had been well cared for. The locks and metal handle clasps weren’t rusty.  

She sighed in relief as it popped open without hesitation. If it was worth something she could get a key, but for now she could skip the locksmith.  She grinned when she opened it.  The case was clean, original lining, and she recognized the brand logo. She was holding 1500$.

What really caught her eye though, were the contents.  There was a camera, also vintage. Maybe worth something?  Then there were the photographs, of people, of house’s, and of landscapes.  A lot for the time period, she thought with a frown.

It was strange, some of them almost looked familiar.  She shook her head, and packed them away.  It took most of the day to go through the rest of it, but she knew she had a 1500$ case, so it was merry work. 

Little did she know the real find was in the photographs. The previously lost work of a famous photographer, worth 100,000$.  It would be quite a while before she  had to go bargain hunting again!


I am just starting off by saying this is sad. Like really sad. I was discussing pet abandonment with a friend (because neither of us gets it), and then I wrote this. I do promise though, even though it is a spoiler, that it does have a happy ending.

I am waiting, again. It scary here. It’s small and loud. The people are nice though, and its warmer. Warmer than it was outside, and I like that I am not always alone. They feed me here too. Its not very good, but they feed me every day, and its nice.

The first place, it wasn’t good. They didn’t feed me very much, and they didn’t like it when I cried because I was hungry. Sometimes they hit me when I cried too much. Then they left me outside, and drove away.

I was good though. I waited for days for them to come back. They didn’t though, and I ended up here. The next place was nice. They fed me, but sometimes I ate too fast and had an accident. It made them mad, and they yelled. They didn’t leave me outside. They left me here.

The next place had kids. It was nice too, but when one took my food away… I snapped, and I came back here. I didn’t hurt anybody, I was just hungry. I miss playing ball with Tommy, he would play with me for hours. It feels like a lifetime since I last played ball.

I hear the people say I am too old, but I don’t understand. I am only two. I am not that old, but they want a puppy. So I sit here, and wait for someone to want me. I hope this time it’s a forever home.

Another couple comes in, and plays with me, and I am so happy. Its amazing, maybe they will take me home! I whimper as they leave. I hear them talking down the hall. I am too energetic, need too much attention, they can’t give me what I need.

They don’t understand. I don’t need much. I would take anything, please don’t leave me here. It repeats, again. and again, and I think I have been here now longer than I have been anywhere else.

The day it happens, it’s like any other day. The man who comes in is alone. I try to not get too excited, and he smells sad. He talks for a while, and when he leaves I know I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. I lay whimpering in my bed for what feels like hours when it finally happens. The thing that has never happened before.

He comes back. None of the others ever came back. He sounds happy, and I wait for him to go get one of the others to take home. And then my door opens. He kneels down and holds open his arms. He is here for me.

I can’t help it now, I jump, and bark, and kiss him all over as he laughs. He puts a collar around my neck, and attaches a leash and walks me all the way down to the end of the hall. There is a big box and I get in when he asks. He carries me to a truck and loads me in. I am going home.

When I get there I look for the other people, but its just him. I cry the first time I eat too fast, and have an accident. But he just cleans it up. The next day he feeds me three times, but only a little, and it doesn’t make me sick.

I keep waiting for him to leave me, but he doesn’t. He says he works from home, and I am good company. He takes me to the park everyday to play ball.

I don’t want to leave him to go get it. What if he leaves me here? But he doesn’t. He just keeps going and getting the ball over and over again. The day I do go get it he sounds so happy that we play till I can’t run anymore.

I think this is it, I think I found my forever home.

Blessed Silence

I just found this a little while ago when trying to edit another project. I had used a writing bot prompt generator on my discord server and the prompt was “you wake up and there is a bloody knife on the floor.” Its a micro fiction, but it got the writing flowing enough so that I could finish my main piece.

When I woke up, it wasn’t the slow gentle waking one sees on TV. It was sudden, jarring, and breathless. I could feel the panic overwhelming me, and it was only when I turned and saw the bloody knife laying on the floor beside me that I realized why.

It had happened again. I gave in even though I knew deep down that I shouldn’t let them tell me what to do. They made so much sense though, all I had to do was this one thing, and it would make the world a better place. They promised that they would leave me alone, at least for a while if I did what they asked.

They kept their word, it was silent for the first time in weeks, and if I weren’t covered in someone else’s blood I would feel more relieved. The worst part is that I knew they would be back. They would ask me to do it again, not today, not even tomorrow, but eventually. I would resist at first, but they would wear me down. Asking day after day, until they started to make sense again. I would do what they wanted.