Happy Little Rainbow

So this is another Microfiction Monday posting, based on the image above…Well not actually on the image above, I got the image to match the idea I had that inspired the story. But basically its the relationship between a girl and a rainbow shirt.

The rainbow shirt had been an impulse buy. When it arrived, she furtively hid the package from her parents, and jammed it in the back of her closet. She cringed a little at the irony.  When she finally opened it, it was the middle of the night, her door locked, and her desk chair jammed under it.  

It was a black shirt with a small rainbow, with a  little smiling cloud at the end. The whole design fit on the shirt pocket. It didn’t even really have to mean anything, she thought, as she smiled uncertainly at her reflection. She stood there, arms wrapped around her stomach, until a noise in the hallway had her pulling the shirt over her head in a single hurried motion.  Back in the closet it went, and where it stayed for two long years.

She packed it away in a box without really ever looking at it. When she unpacked in her dorm, it went back in the closet. It was almost a year later, at the end of her second semester that she pulled it out again.

This time she tried it on and smiled broadly. She felt self-conscious at first, but as she reached the crowds of people barely dressed, and painted with rainbows something within her unfurled. She was not alone.


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