So this is a mid-week bonus. Feeling a little bleh following my second Covid-19 vaccine and so I decided to try Jimmie’s prompt of a pair of boots hanging from a fence. Its dark, deals with loss, and has a narrator of no specified gender. Based on some real experience as I finally “experienced” a loss several months later as I saw something in a store that the person would have liked, and picked it up before I remembered…

I was dazed, as the police stood at my door and told me what had occurred.

I was numb, at the hospital, as the doctors explained that nothing more could be done.

I was disinterested, at the funeral home as I made the arrangements.

I was aloof, as I ignored the accusing glares of those who thought I should not be so dry-eyed at the burial.

I was callous, as I packed up half my life in boxes and gave it away.

I was indifferent, as I learned that I would lose the house.

I was detached, as I chose what was important to come with me to my tiny apartment.

I was devastated, as I walked by the gate for the last time and saw her boots hanging from it

I was crushed, as I realized that I would never be able to laugh at her ridiculous footwear again.

I was wrecked, as I sank to the ground crying in the driveway of the house we had shared.  

I was destroyed, as I understood that nothing would ever be the same again now that she was gone.


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