The Story of Her

So this was a prompt from Jimmie which can be found here, the challenge to be to write a 250 word microfiction based solely on the image shown. In support of pride month, I went with a gray aro/ace type protagonist playing the story of their life. I am not sure how well that came across, but that was the intention. The is also the kick off of my biweekly (hopefully soon to be weekly), Microfiction Mondays.

She looked down at the song she had written and smiled, lines creasing her face. It wasn’t the first she had composed, but it was  the most meaningful. It told her story.

It was first and foremost, a solo. There were other instruments early on, a few small duets here and there.  There were sections of accompaniment throughout, but pull them all away and leave only the solo, and it still worked.  It was complete, everything else was just extra. Something that added to the music, but didn’t make it.

She had a brief flare of nerves as the curtains opened. She had played for years, but she was not the musician she once was. Practice had made her quicker and sharper, but age had slowed and dulled her reflexes. She had considered having someone else play this, to do it justice, but it was her song. No one else would understand, would play it with the emotion she would

As she put the bow to the violin, and the first few notes rang out, she relaxed a little. She had made the right decision. She played with her eyes closed, not needing to see the music. Instead she watched the memories play by as she wove her tale. There were moments that brought a smile to her face, and those that brought tears to her eyes. She finished as she started, solo, and as the last notes faded she felt complete.   

There was silence, and then thunderous applause.


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