The Bargain

Tonight I am posting a flashfiction that I have wrote based on a picture. The only rule was that it had to be 250 words or less. It was said on the picture below, and I chose to do my own little version of storage locker hunting. Its not my usual bag, but well, this is it.

Tanya knew from the moment she saw the locker that this was the one.  Most people overlooked it because of the clothes, but she saw the vintage leather case and knew she had something. At 20$ the clothes alone would cover her costs.

She bypassed them and went straight for the case. It was in good condition, the leather needed to be treated, but it had been well cared for. The locks and metal handle clasps weren’t rusty.  

She sighed in relief as it popped open without hesitation. If it was worth something she could get a key, but for now she could skip the locksmith.  She grinned when she opened it.  The case was clean, original lining, and she recognized the brand logo. She was holding 1500$.

What really caught her eye though, were the contents.  There was a camera, also vintage. Maybe worth something?  Then there were the photographs, of people, of house’s, and of landscapes.  A lot for the time period, she thought with a frown.

It was strange, some of them almost looked familiar.  She shook her head, and packed them away.  It took most of the day to go through the rest of it, but she knew she had a 1500$ case, so it was merry work. 

Little did she know the real find was in the photographs. The previously lost work of a famous photographer, worth 100,000$.  It would be quite a while before she  had to go bargain hunting again!


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