Blessed Silence

I just found this a little while ago when trying to edit another project. I had used a writing bot prompt generator on my discord server and the prompt was “you wake up and there is a bloody knife on the floor.” Its a micro fiction, but it got the writing flowing enough so that I could finish my main piece.

When I woke up, it wasn’t the slow gentle waking one sees on TV. It was sudden, jarring, and breathless. I could feel the panic overwhelming me, and it was only when I turned and saw the bloody knife laying on the floor beside me that I realized why.

It had happened again. I gave in even though I knew deep down that I shouldn’t let them tell me what to do. They made so much sense though, all I had to do was this one thing, and it would make the world a better place. They promised that they would leave me alone, at least for a while if I did what they asked.

They kept their word, it was silent for the first time in weeks, and if I weren’t covered in someone else’s blood I would feel more relieved. The worst part is that I knew they would be back. They would ask me to do it again, not today, not even tomorrow, but eventually. I would resist at first, but they would wear me down. Asking day after day, until they started to make sense again. I would do what they wanted.


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