Coming Of Age

This was a piece I wrote for the FlashFiction February Challenge on my server “The Writers Mess” . It had to be 100 words or less, dialogue only, and include one of the following words: Buffoon, Mollycoddle, Amiable, or Demonstrably. This is what I ultimately came up with, it was surprisingly difficult.

“Oh, there, dear, just let me adjust your tie.”
“Don’t mollycoddle the boy Agnes.”
“Excuse me?”
“I am eighteen. I am not a boy anymore Ms. Colepepper. I am a man. Mum, are you sure this is what they wear, out there?”
“Of course, and you look so smart in it, doesn’t he Geraldine?”
“You don’t have to go; you can stay here with us.”
“I am ready mother.”
“I know, you just, you remember what to do, if you get hungry?”
“Yes mother: Only eat the bad ones, bury their bones, and don’t get caught.”


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