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Chosen are the Few

Hello Hello and welcome to my urban fantasy microfiction, written based on the prompt: Write a piece under 300 words set in modern times, but where everyone knows that magic exists, and make it from the POV of someone who does not have magic. I admit, this one just completely…

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Hello hello and welcome to this week’s short story, which by all accounts is strange. We are currently running a challenge on The Writer’s Mess Discord, which features a youtube drawing challenge, modified for writing. So, in May we made a playlist and this month you use a random number…

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Who, me?

This week’s six sentence story is based on the word of the week YELLOWBELLY, which I managed to shoehorn into these six sentences twice.  This one is about our narrator trying to talk their way out of a sticky situation, which is a complete misunderstanding and doing whatever it take…

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Neon Dreaming

Hello Hello and Welcome to this week’s six-sentence story, based on the word CAROUSEL. I went about 16 dark places with this, and yes, apparently the word can inspire some pretty good horror, but instead I went to a slightly different place, well a dream really. It’s a bit odd,…

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A Farewell to Clive

Hello hello, welcome to this week’s six sentence story based on the word of the week FLUSH.  This one is a little twist, not nearly as dark as it first appears, and features someone getting their comeuppance when deciding to be an ass.  I recommend reading it twice for the…

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