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One Day More

So this was written for the six-sentence-story prompt by girlontheedge. The prompt was LOST, and my inspiration was the lost boys. That said, this got more than a little sad, and is written from the perspective of the detective on the case. It still feels a little clunky, but I…

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Love You, Forever

So this one was a weird prompt, and I will talk about it more in the notes afterwards. Its from the point of view of a guy who is pining for a girl whom he is in love with. Its a little creepy and a little dark… I knew from…

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Shut Up and Dance!

So this one is a little dark ficlet that is related to the short story I posted last week, which I am going to link below. It’s about a guy who meets a girl at a club that seems way too good to be true. I know that seems to…

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Smashing Boundaries

This was written for the the six-sentence-story prompt BLANKET by girlontheedge. I went to the dark places with this prompt. It has warnings for violence, attempted assault, mentions of sexual assault and could be triggering to you. Please do not read if this will cause you harm, and to the…

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Ready or Not?

This is a fairly short story I wrote about two girls getting ready to go out on the town. Will admit there is a little more going on in this one than first appears, and you might catch some clues if you read it closely. There will be a microfiction…

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