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Please Step Aside

This little one shot was for a prompt where location and movement was important. I know during the pandemic many businesses made a rule that you had to stand six feet apart between customers, but even before this the thing where people stand behind you and breathe down your neck…

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Wind Whales

This is a story about two children watching the clouds go by, and witnessing a miraculous feat. This was inspired by Hendrik Boom, who, in a mutual writing class on brainstorming introduce the idea of wind whales. It was months and months ago, but it was one of those ideas…

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This is a story based on the idea of the road not taken, and the six-sentence story prompt of PATH by girl on the edge.  It is the story of a woman looking to adopt a second child deciding whether or not to take in a six-year-old girl that will…

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For Want of a Nail

This was a multi-challenge response to both girlontheedge’s six-sentence word of the week BOOKMARK, and the invisible ink challenge based on the picture below. I am happy with what I came up with, a rather strange little piece about a person with too many bookmarks and none when it counts,…

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Gone Forever

This one is a little piece about someone throwing something away. There is a lot left to the imagination, what is it, is it important, is it nothing? Sometimes you just gotta go for it and throw something away when you know there is no chance of getting it back,…

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