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Infinite Regrets

Ok, so after some evaluation I decided to keep this a little more vague. It’s what I would call an urban fantasy, with something very old looking back to how it got to where it is now, downtown in a major city people watching. Its a little sad, and a…

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Mr. Right

This was another Jimmie prompt inspired by the picture below. I took this, and of course, made it dark and twisted. Please note this contains descriptions of an abusive relationship and may be triggering to some. On the surface he was perfect. Tall, strong, handsome, with money and personality to…

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So the main comment about last week’s six, seemed to be “What happens next”, so this week’s response to girlontheedge’s prompt DEAL is the continuation of what happened next. While I think this would stand alone, here is a link to last week’s six: Fugue. She took the small bag…

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The Magician

I wrote this for the Reedsy.com prompt “Write about a reluctant party-goer who ends up being the star of the show.” My take was a teenage who was being forced to attend his six year old cousin’s birthday party instead of a pool party. “I don’t want to go mom.”  …

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Ok, so it looks like I am officially doing weekly posts for the Microfiction Mondays, please note that like the short stories this could lapse into biweekly at any time. This microfiction was to base a story in an apartment in the middle of the afternoon. it got dark, fast,…

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